Potential Project

Us again/Encore nous | 7th Biennale internationale of Non Objective Art | 02 – 15.11.2023

Us again/Encore nous

The international exhibition "Us again/Encore nous - 7th Biennale of Non- Objective Art" is being organized for the first time in Greece and hosted at the Potential Project in Athens from November 2 to November 15, 2023. The artistic initiative RNOP - Reductive Non-Objective Project represents an international community of like-minded visual artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, curators, and all those who appreciate non- objective art. RNOP connects artists from various regions of the world, forming small communities of contemporary artists, and inspiring an international cycle of actions and dialogues. The main inspirations behind this community are artists Roland Orepuk from France and the Australian theorist and artist Billy Grunner. Billy Grunner and West Projects, as part of this collaboration, conduct satellite actions worldwide. Thus, all actions, exhibitions, and artistic groups are linked to the international independent program of the biennale, a unique phenomenon in todays world. This year, the invitation was extended to Greece, to the artist Kleopatra Moursela. The curators of the exhibition in Athens aim to present the work of artists from Greece, Turkey, Germany, and other countries, creating a unique synthesis. Simultaneously, a new international collaboration is inaugurated, contributing to a broad cycle of actions and dialogues. The artists present works that incorporate non-objective expression, exploring geometric relationships with colors, non-objective form, and the connection to place and spirituality.

Parallel events take place for this organization in locations worldwide, such as Grenoble in France, Brisbane in Australia, Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Kyiv in Ukraine, Dayton in Ohio, and Athens, in Greece. Curators for the exhibition are, visual artist Kleopatra Moursela, theorist and art historian Chara Dimitropoulou, and visual artist Rene Van Den Bos.

Participants: Erdem Kücükköroglu (TR) Munira Naqui (BD), Wahida Azhari (DE), Kleopatra Moursela (EL), Ioannis Skaltsas (EL), Dimosthenis Avramidis (EL),Vasso Gavaisse (EL), Trisha Kanellopoulos (DE), Rene Van den Bos (NL), Ivo Ringe (DE), Ioannis Lassithiotakis (EL), Luc Hoekx (BE), Selin Yagmur Sönmez (TR), Jan Handel (AU)