Potential Project

Origin | Yiannis Grigoriadis & Yiannis Isidorou | 15.10 - 21.11.2020



Origin as a presumption about the initial state which gets fueled with a series of impressions (images, texts and verbal narrations), the uncanny subset of the past that coats a splintered and non-continuous present. The evidence of origin consists of impressions and inscriptions that mediate knowledge. Evidence dominates experience. Dealing here with a “local issue” Y.G. and Y.I. make the case that amnesia is one of the most prominently alive forms of memory and that consciousness is born in the subject’s present. By detaching evidence from a ”drawer” of narrations, they make an attempt at subverting archive fetishism.

“It would be truly magnificent if a perfect harmony could emerge from the events of the year. There are always some that get stuck in your throat. You hold them inside. They hurt you. One thing that you can always do though is this: exorcism. Every situation means function. Hundreds of functions. It would be unheard off, this sum of situations to end up in something completely satisfying, or for a man to exist, however active, that could weather all these functions effectively. You can do one thing however, exorcism. Exorcism, a brave reaction a battering ram, the true poem of the prisoner. In the realm of agony and obsession, you insert such an exaltation such brilliant violence, welded on the hammering of words, that despair steadily dissipates, replaced by an ethereal demonic realm – a place of wonders!”

Henri Michaux

The exhibition is open by appointment Tuesday - Friday 18:00 - 22:00 and Saturday 13:00 - 17:00. Appointments have a limit of 4 persons and can be booked at info.potentialproject@gmail.com, via FB Messenger and by calling 210 3817517 during the exhibition’s opening hours.