Potential Project

Ökumene | Yiannis Grigoriadis & Yiannis Isidorou | 10.05 – 03.06.2023


Yannis Grigoriadis and Yannis Isidorou present their new project Ökumene, a continuation of their previous exhibition Origin that took place at Potential Project in October 2021.

“With works that include recordings, controversial morphological declarations and constructions we focus on the following :

We are obsessed with contact with matter as a monumental process and the re-description of our experience through unorthodox assemblages. By exploring the territory of the affective world we attribute personal interpretations to the places that have defined us. With a multitude of scripts and forms that suffocatingly fill the space we project an abundance of investigative movements that, limiting as much as possible the dominant meanings, expect through their differences to be affirmed by always finding what they did not look for.

The two ends of the narrative thread in our presentation delineate a common place revealed through our differences and presented in our mutual actions over the last 15 years. By playfully including our bidirectional emotional fluctuations, we seek to subvert and ultimately transform the perception of time in our daily lives to that of the duration of a warm handshake or better yet, a warm hug.”