Potential Project

If Anything Survives | Archaeologies, Utopias & The Void | 11.11 – 05.12.2021

If Anything Survives

Let’s imagine the end of things, the end of events. This could be the end of the world after an atomic blast. Or it could be the end of a world after something changed irreversibly, rendering it impossible for a previous situation to go on. It is a somewhat sad realization that nothing is what it used to be. It is a sci-fi scenario that implies someone, sometime in the future will know of the world once alive and will research the evidence of its existence. So let’s imagine what it is that’s left behind, what the evidence, the clues, the traces are. After the world has ended, if anything survives, what is it?

Part I – Archaeologies, Eressou 40, Athens

This is the chapter that explores evidence. It is closely related to Reality and corresponds with Something. It is an interpretation of what the world is and what we can get to know as observers in it. The part of the exhibition that communicates Archaeologies begins with the idea that some things of the world were left behind after its destruction and are now hints that let us imagine what this world was like.

Part II – Utopias, Tzavella 15, Athens, Ypsilon Publishing

This is the chapter that explores possibilities. It is closely related to Dreams and corresponds with Anything. It is an imagining of what the vanished world could have been, what it could or would look like. In this rendering of the story, there is no need for objective scientific observation and there are no limits for what the forms and structures of a world now gone could be.

Part III – The Void, Andrea Metaxa 25, Athens, Potential Project

This chapter explores chaos. It is related to Nihilism and corresponds with Nothing. It is an attempt to understand failure and, ultimately, doom. There is no comprehending it, we can just project what we perceive as absence and hope maybe we get a glimpse of it. The part that communicates The Void starts at the point where nothing known is left behind and we need new tools for understanding what the world once alive let survive after its demise.

Curated by: Karolina Aleiferopoulou
Coordination: Vasilis Nasis
Produced by: Potential Project
Participating Artists: Alkistis Mavrokefalou, Eleanna Balesi, Augustus Veinoglou, Vaggelis Savvas, Dimitris Merantzas, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Lera Kelemen, Robert Gschwantner, Andreas Papastergiou
Writers: Alexander Platis, Macklin Kowal


Under the auspices and with the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports