Potential Project

Adam’s rib: Lapsus Calami | Guram Chachanidze | 14 – 25 September 2022

Adam’s rib: Lapsus Calami

Potential Project hosts visual artist and curator Guram Chachanidze with his installation “Adam’s rib: Lapsus Calami”. In his overall work, human, society, politics and religion appear as the main source of inspiration and contemplation as parts of a dominant system.

Guram Chachanidze’s solo exhibition “Adam’s rib: Lapsus Calami” is a synthesis of images and words. The word, which was in the beginning, determined the fate and the history of woman.

The exhibition presents the subject in a close-up. It presents it to us from different angles to make us once again question and challenge the formulations.What does rewriting and unraveling history have to offer, if it tends to be omitted and characterized by selective memory?! And despite the fourth wave of feminism, “Adam’s Rib” is still in use. The classic sequence of “Adam and Eve” was not violated.Every euphemism, synonym, proverb, aphorism produced by male culture has not yet lost its relevance.

It is almost impossible to talk about this subject without the archetypes that have stuck, stayed in language and literature. With the archetypes that everyday life is full of and whose role in creating problems is too great. Therefore, the verbal and grammatical aspect of the subject is important to the visual artist. As a result, he used language, grammar, literature and history as a source of inspiration. He created a type of monologue based on art documentary material.